December 2017 TBR – Take Time to Rethink Your Productivity System

Everyone enjoys the satisfaction of getting things done. There’s no shortage of advice on how to do it. In fact, a Google search for “productivity tips” yields over 83 million results!

Most of this guidance falls into one of two categories:
1. Lists of quick-hit tips (set strict time limits on meetings, eliminate distractions, etc.)
2. Full-fledged systems (Pomodoro, Checklist Manifesto, etc.)

In either case, the advice tends to be “one size fits all.” There’s no single solution for being more productive. If there was, surely someone would have landed on the answer and we wouldn’t need another book on the topic. (Amazon currently sells over 41,000 productivity books!)

Another common problem is that many time management solutions are too complicated. Successfully instilling new habits usually requires easy-toremember, manageable steps.

Finally, improving productivity is too often associated with simply pushing yourself harder. While willpower certainly plays a role, it’s often more important to learn how to work smarter, managing your energy and focusing on the right priorities.

To help you reexamine your own productivity solutions, this issue of Today’s Buyer’s Rep focuses on the WHYs behind different approaches—why some systems work better than others, and various personal considerations behind developing a system that works for YOU. We sincerely hope these insights will help make 2018 your best year ever!