October 2017 TBR – Dear Buyer: What Do I Do For You?

Just as children frequently don’t appreciate everything their parents do for them, homebuyers often fail to recognize everything involved in purchasing a home—and how much of that effort is shouldered by their buyer’s rep.

With REALTOR® Designation Awareness Month just around the corner, in November, it’s a good time to revisit the topic of buyer representation, and to help you educate buyers about what you do for them—including why it’s better to work with an agent who’s earned their ABR® designation. Often, these things are explained in a buyer consultation session.

To facilitate your conversations, this issue of Today’s Buyer’s Rep mirrors the format of a two-page consumer handout called “Buying a Home: What Your Buyer’s Agent Does for You.” It covers 39 different points, organized into five major topics:
• Help arrange financing
• Assist in finding the right property
• Educate on market conditions
• Provide negotiating guidance when making an offer
• Assist in finalizing the transaction

Inside this issue, you’ll find tips and resources you can use to discuss these topics with buyer-clients—as well as suggestions on ways to deliver on these pledges. Never forget that helping buyers understand what you do for them also goes a long way towards accomplishing another important goal—getting their signature on a buyer representation agreement!