Profile Help

Enhanced membership profiles give you an opportunity to expand your reach to buyers with a number of customizable fields.


Modify your enhanced profile now.


Your Enhanced Profile Includes:

Profile Picture

Put a smile behind your profile and display your photo next to your contact information! A thumbnail of your photo will also appear on the search results page next to your information.

Logo Image

Include an ad/company logo. A thumbnail version of your ad will also appear on the search results page. (Coming soon)

Personal Bio

Express yourself with your personalized bio. Here's your opportunity to better explain your services to prospective buyers.  You may also include additional webpage links in this field.

Additional Market Area

In addition to the zip code listed in your address, your profile enables you to be 'searched' under five (5) additional market area zip codes. This is where you will specify which areas you would like to be listed under.

Here is a sample of what a completed profile can look like!