Corporation Relocation: The Next Move

Relocation buyers have all the concerns of other buyers, plus the added stress associated with moving to an unfamiliar area. Starting with a close look at the relocation process, this one-day elective course examines the growing market of buyers transferred by an employer or moving to take up employment. Relationship building is a central skill, helping you learn to identify and meet the special needs of relocation buyers. Of course, you can only provide these services if you have the client, so marketing for relocation business is covered in detail.

Learning Objectives

  • How Relocation Works: Describe how the relocation business has evolved to its current state; Explain the relocation process in third-party, corporate/broker, and transferee/buyer`s rep transactions; Identify the roles and expectations of parties in a relocation transaction; Describe compensation methods.
  • Building Relocation Relationships: Outline basic legal responsibilities in representing relocation clients; Identify the relocation requirements of corporate transferees; Identify the relocation requirements of relocation companies and corporations; Identify ways of developing effective relationships with transferees, relocation companies and corporations.
  • Providing Superior Service: Prepare to represent a transferee in a relocation; Identify a transferee`s relocation needs; Orient a transferee to a new community; Describe a basic method of locating a new home for a transferee; Assist a transferee in completing a relocation.
  • Developing a Marketing Strategy: Assess relocation representation opportunities; Identify ways to market relocation services; Develop a personalized relocation marketing plan.

Online Course

1 Day
ABR® Elective