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Training is the centerpiece of real estate activity for Rhonda Hamilton, a Hall of Fame designee from north Texas. Three years ago, she elected to confine her career to full-time real estate training. Prior thereto she was a successful real estate agent for 18 years. From the beginning she pursued education as a route to advancement. Among her course enrollments — the first ABR® training program offered in her area. Her designation followed rapidly, in November of 1998. NAR’s Las Vegas convention will be a very busy time for Ms. Hamilton. In addition to being a headliner at the Hall of Fame installation ceremony, she will be a featured presenter on the REBAC Day program, an assignment she handled with distinction last year. Her participation in REBAC’s educational activities has not been confined to the classroom. Recently she co-authored a re-write of the Council’s “Innovative Marketing Techniques for Buyer Representatives” and assisted in a revision of the basic ABR® certification course. Being busy is second nature to Ms. Hamilton. Presently she lectures and teaches nationally, owns and operates her own company — Rhonda Hamilton Learning Services — in Longview, Texas, and also is co-owner of AllStar Academy of Real Estate, in Dallas.

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