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Unlike those who came to buyer representation because of new disclosure laws, Sheila Hensley became an ABR® for another reason – because she wanted to give her customers what they wanted from her. "It all started with my clients’ repeated requests for additional services. They were all saying to me, 'But why can’t you? '" she says. The way Hensley sees it, buyer-consumers are exposed to so much information on the internet these days that they really need someone in their corner to explain what it all means to them in their transactions.
Ten years ago, when she founded her company, Executive Relocation Services, in Memphis, TN, buyer representation was a renegade concept. Now, as one of the first ABR® designees, a charter member of REBAC, and a member of the REBAC Advisory Board, her peers seek her out for advice and guidance. "The designation I’m most proud of is the ABR®," she says, "Now it represents the higher level of representation for the buying consumer, and it indicates integrity and professionalism on the part of those who seek it."
Hensley is a member of the Employee Relocation Council, a charter board member and past president of the Mid-South Relocation Council, is, and has been active in her local, state, and national associations since 1981. She is a regular contributor to Today’s Buyer’s Rep.

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