Sylvia Shelnutt




United States



Sylvia, a champion of REBAC education, demonstrated her dedication to buyer representation through early advocacy of it in her home state of Georgia. Long established in the Peach State, she is now among the nation’s most admired real estate educators, a certified instructor in South Carolina, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee and Texas.

Sylvia’s record of success and service in real estate education is also reflected in her own training; over and above the ABR® and ABRMsmdesignations, she herself has also earned the GRI, CRS, PMN, and e-PRO® NAR Family Designations and Certifications. Together, they combine to create a wealth of real estate knowledge and experience—all of which Sylvia blends into her own comprehensive training program, which she calls “Real Estate in a NUTT-SHEL.” She has also been certified as a Distinguished Real Estate Instructor (DREI) by the Real Estate Educators Association (REEA), which appointed her a trainer in its Instructor Development Workshop. She has also served on its board since 2000.

Quite prominent in teaching buyer representation, Sylvia is certified to deliver both the ABR® and ABRMsm courses, and some electives. In addition to her classroom work, she also serves as an instructor for the ABR® online course. But Sylvia’s service to real estate education extends well beyond just buyer representations. She also specializes in teaching courses in cultural diversity, ethics, personal skills, and risk reduction and reduction. In 2002, NAR named her one a Top Ten One America-Cultural Diversity instructor. Two years later, she served on NAR’s Equal Opportunity/Cultural Diversity committee.

A past president of the Georgia Real Estate Educators Association, Sylvia has also held numerous offices and assignments in her local and state associations

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