Debby N. Miller




United States



Debby Miller would have laughed at the very idea that she' d be a real estate broker, thinking "Not on your life!" at the prospect. That was thirteen years ago. Today, she's leading the charge to bring innovative buyer representation – and technology – to West Texas real estate.
In her first two years in the business, Ms. Miller recalls mostly learning the ropes in Snyder, Texas. However, when she learned about buyer representation, she became insatiable in her quest to learn more about it, reading everything she could lay her hands on. Encouraged to earn her ABR®, once she had, she discovered that she was the first member of the Snyder Board of REALTORS® to hold the designation.
Since then, she's been hard at work educating both fellow real estate professionals and home buyers in Snyder and the surrounding Scurry County market about buyer representation, discovering that consumers are enthusiastic about the concept. Active in her local Association, for the past three years she has been president (after serving as secretary) in one of the only counties in Texas that still works on an open listing basis. But, that won't be for much longer if Ms. Miller has any say in the matter.
When she opened HomePRO REALTORS®, she decided not to take open listings, making it the first office in the county to establish such a policy. Always eager to learn more, she tries to stay on the cutting edge of technology, continuing a trend that began when she helped establish the first local real estate Web site in the area. And now, with an office of her own to run, she, of course, has her eyes set on earning her ABRM℠.